Know your Toyota Keys

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When it comes to Toyota Transponder Keys, there are currently four. I have three of them above, and I’ll explain. The first chip equipped Toyota keys didn’t have any marking s on them to indicate there was a chip.  So car owner would go and get key cut that didn’t work. The second generation of keys then had a “Dot” placed on them to let you know that the key has a chip and that it was a 4D 40-bit. Around 2010 Toyota introduced the 80-bit “G” chip. The “H” chip came around 2014-2015. The one common feature about all of these keys is the large and exaggerated rubber heads. This was so that there was enough room inside to accommodate the chip. As I said in the beginning, the first transponder key didn’t have any external markings. But if you have a key with the larger head, then it has a 4C chip inside.

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New Product

i just got back from the annual ALOA conference. A new just arrived. I am carrying a universal remote designed to program to almost any car. You can do some of them yourself and others need a professional programmer. Call for for information.   

 Welcome To Guam Auto Keys

Guam Auto Keys is the automotive side of Andrew’s Safe and Lock. It is here to be your source for everything to do with your car. I will provide information for keys, door and ignition parts and service information. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Hello for ALOA 2015

I am posting from the Strattec Update class. I had to assemble a new GM ignition and door lock.

  This is a replacement ignition assembly for a GM vehicle.

 This is a High Security  replacement door cylinder for a GM.

I am attending the annual ALOA conference in order to find more products and materials for Guam. The misnomer is that only the dealerships can cut and if necessary, program your car keys. True, but not for everything. The same can go for hardware service and replacement. I have access to sources that manufacture OEM parts and aftermarket keys.