Know your Toyota Keys

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When it comes to Toyota Transponder Keys, there are currently four. I have three of them above, and I’ll explain. The first chip equipped Toyota keys didn’t have any marking s on them to indicate there was a chip.  So car owner would go and get key cut that didn’t work. The second generation of keys then had a “Dot” placed on them to let you know that the key has a chip and that it was a 4D 40-bit. Around 2010 Toyota introduced the 80-bit “G” chip. The “H” chip came around 2014-2015. The one common feature about all of these keys is the large and exaggerated rubber heads. This was so that there was enough room inside to accommodate the chip. As I said in the beginning, the first transponder key didn’t have any external markings. But if you have a key with the larger head, then it has a 4C chip inside.

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